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 Magic Handkerchief


To perform the trick, you will need a large handkerchief.


1. Pull a large handkerchief out of your pocket with the long end hanging down.

2. Move your arm forward and backward to create a good momentum.


3. Flip the other end of the handkerchief up and catch it with the same hand.

4. Snap the Handkerchief outward and forward in a very fast action.


5. Say Shimmer Shimmering as you snap out the handkerchief hard the third time.

Magically, you have tied a knot on the long end of the handkerchief.

The Secret Of Trick:

6. Before you perform the trick, tie a knot on one end of the handkerchief. Make sure to leave the knotted end on the top of your pocket and keep the knot well hidden inside your fist when you pull it out of your pocket.


When you flip the handkerchief upward and snap it outward, make sure to do the movements smoothly and continuously. You may need a lot of practice before you can perform this trick well.

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