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 Snappy Surprise


This is a very good party trick for Christmas and New Year parties but it has very ill effects for the nervous people.

1. Tell your audience to pay attention to your left palm while you are turning your right hand index finger in circles on top of it.

2. As your audience are paying attention to your left palm, you suddenly open both palms outward with a big snapping noise and lots of confetti flying out from your palms.

Your audience will be stunned and they might even scream.

The Snapper



3. You need to make a snapper for this tick. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard or thin plywood as the drawing with roughly the size of 4cm x 5cm.

4. Loop a rubber band round both pieces on the indentation area.

The Performance


5. Turn the snapper inside out from the bottom of the pieces. Practise the snap by throwing the snapper in the air.

6. You need to be very careful at this stage or you could be snapped by the snapper. Before performing the trick hide the turned snapper inside you right palm with a handful of confetti.

Before your performance draw a crowd to surround you closely. Take you time to draw their attention towards the centre of your left palm. The more they are concentrated, the bigger the shock will be produced.

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