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 Magic Rope Trick


To perform the trick, you will need a thick rope and a ball.


1. Put a ball on a table. Stretch a rope out with two hands and loop it underneath the ball. Say the Magic words:
Shimmer Shimmering

2. Move the rope away from the table swiftly and magically balance the ball on it.

3. Rock the ball from side to side and bounce it up in the air.



4. Allow the ball to drop on the floor and as it bounces up, catch it on the rope again.

5. You can also bounce the ball up and down on the rope as you are balancing it.



5. Turn the snapper inside out from the bottom of the pieces. Practise the snap by throwing the snapper in the air.

6. Then stretch the rope in an angle and allow the ball to roll down.
Repeat the routine a few times by lifting one hand higher then the other alternatively.


The Secret of Trick:

7. In fact there is a strong nylon thread attached to the two ends of the rope. However, you need to use both your thumbs and your index fingers to adjust the correct tension of both the rope and the thread.

It is important to use a very bouncy ball which is made of relatively light material. In order to make your act more interesting, you need to have more variations with your balancing and bouncing routines.

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